Vernelle was always grateful for her parents who encouraged music and art in the family.  She started sketching at an early age and wanted to be a fashion designer. She designed clothes and her mother, being an excellent seamstress, made them. Nel later learned to sew her own clothes, make our clothes, and clothes for our dolls. She said, “For a small farm town in Kansas, we had really nice schools that included music and art instruction. I think the schools were probably built during the early 1920’s when money was available.”  She always wished she had studied and lived in Paris but brought a great artistic atmosphere into our home growing up in Kansas.  After she passed we found a list of her paintings, all logged by number and noting who had them, totaling over 600!

Yearning for Paris, from Atchison, Kansas

b. 4/27/1918,  d. 1/9/2010