This site is celebrating the art, music and innovation that is embedded in the DNA of 5 generations of Worrells (and Worrels) .  The more immediate ancestors are on the ’Worrell Heritage’ page, and the ‘Family Links’ page lists individual’s names by family that are live links to their bios and work.  None are famous, but most have been well known in their communities in Kansas, Ohio and Tennessee.  We hope you enjoy this family journey and of course would always welcome any feedback or suggestions you might have for us.

Elizabeth                                                                 Dede 


Celebrating the Creative Legacy of:

Bill Worrel

b. 11/27/1915, d. 10/19/2008

Vernelle Worrel Bergerhouse

b. 4/27/1918, d. 1/9/2010

Norman Worrell

b. 11/2/1927, d. 7/5/2012

Stay busy...and don’t look back.  Something might be gaining on you!                                                                      

                                                                                   Cecil Worrel

Vernelle Worrel Bergerhouse

Thank you, Elizabeth Worrell Braswell for this lovely idea!